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Andasibe to Masoala Rainforest


Walking in each Park and Reserve, and discovering every day new funny wildlife species Enjoying diving or kayaking on the lagoon after hiking in the forest of Masoala.


Focused solely to explore the Madagascar rainforest. We have combined two fantastic National Parks on this tour: the first one is known to be home of the largest lemur and Masoala Forest is the biggest National Park where the forest meets the Sea.
An ultimate wildlife experience! The top list wildlife are: Indri Indri, Diademed Sifaka,
Black and White ruffed lernur, Red Ruffed lemur, Helmet Vanga, White fronted brown lemur… If you choose the superior accommodation, you will enjoy an exclusive stay at the luxury tented camp of Masoala Forest Lodge.


Arrival in Antananarivo from your international flight. Welcome and transfer to your hotel.

Overnight stay at your hotel.

Day 2
140 km - 3h to 4h

After breakfast, you will leave Antananarivo to go to Andasibe. You will cross a myriad of villages and get acquainted with the traditional lifestyle of the Malagasy people. With pretty golden grasslands on the background, you will enjoy the amazingly abundant rice paddies, chimneyless long clay red houses and millions of roadside markets displaying a variety of handicrafts, fruit and meat. On the way, you will visit the Peyrieras farm where reptiles and chameleons are easily seen. You will arrive in Andasibe in the afternoon and get settled at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


Two whole days devoted to discovering Andasibe parks and reserves. The humid forest of Andasibe is one of the most beautiful and the richest areas in terms of biodiversity. These forests are located at an altitude of 900-1,250 metres and trade winds blow permanently on its Eastern part. They also shelter many animals, this way ensuring their preservation.108 species of birds can be found in the park. Some of them, like the Terpsiphone mutata, contribute to some plants’ survival. There are also 14 species of lemurs, 51 species of Boa reptiles including the famous Boa “manditra”, and 84 species of amphibians. In terms of flora, there are home to creepers and epiphytes such as orchids, mosses and ferns. We can find there various orchids with more than one hundred listed species.

Special Reserve of Indri Indri: 3 h to 4 h stroll to observe the biggest species of Indri-Indri lemur. Besides, some endemic species as Eulemur fulvus and Hapalemur griseus can be seen there. We can also observe a few birds’ species.

Mantadia National Park: at 1h30 drive from Andasibe Village, territory of the « Diademed sifaka », one of the most beautiful lemurs of Madagascar, and some species of « Roller ».

VOIMMA Park: This park is run by the village community. It is here that late-night strolls are carried out. There are many species of nocturnal lemurs and chameleons.

Islets of lemurs: Private reserve of Vakona Forest Lodge. The lemurs here have relative freedom. There are 4 species of lemurs (Ruffed Lemur, Ring tailed lemur, Hapalemur).

Dinners and overnights stay at your hotel.

Day 5
140 km – 3h to 4h drive

After a last visit in Andasibe rainforest, you will hit the road towards Antananarivo. You will arrive late in the afternoon and get settled at the hotel.

Overnight stay at your hotel.

Masoala Forest Lodge_masoala national park_madagascar_aerial view_rainforest

Depending on the flight schedule, proceed to your transfer to the airport and flight to Maroantsetra. You will be welcomed at your arrival and transferred to the boat for the journey to Masoala Forest Lodge. After about a two-hour journey, you will arrive at the lodge. In the afternoon, enjoy exploring the beaches, swimming in the sea before going for a walk along the coast past Tampolo point.

Lunch, dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.

Day 7

After an early breakfast, enjoy a walk down to the coast and up into the primary rainforest to look for the Red-ruffled lemurs, dwarf chameleons and other endemic wildlife in Masoala.

You will get back to camp by boat before lunch. Spare afternoon. It is possible to go snorkeling on the nearby coral reefs or to have a guided sea kayak.

Lunch, dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.

Day 8

After having breakfast, you will start a guided walk through the coastal forest. You will enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of Tampolo river after a two-hour walk. Return to the camp on a traditional canoe before lunch. Spare afternoon to relax on the beach, swim in the sea or snorkel on the coral reefs.

Lunch, dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.

Red ruffed lemur Masoala rainforest

Board the boat for the transfer to Nosy Mangabe Island. You will explore the island with your guide in search of Black and white-ruffed and White-fronted brown lemurs, leaf-tailed geckos… Transfer by boat to Maroantsetra and by car to the airport for the flight to Antananarivo. You will be welcomed at your arrival and get transferred to your hotel.

Overnight stay at your hotel.


Transfer to the airport for the international return flight. Night on board. Arrival the following day.

Note :

Supplement for a tour guide in Maroantsetra (from Day 6 to Day 9) : 678 € (optional)
 Supplement for domestic flights : 478 € / pax (subject to change)
The trip from Day 2 to Day 5 will be done with a 4WD vehicle. It is the best means of transportation to travel through Madagascar.
You will be accompanied by a driver/guide from day 1 to day 5
Starting from 05pax, a tour guide will be included from day 1 to day 5
The Masoala Forest Lodge is closed from 06/01/16 to 30/04/16.
Guests should be prepared for the boat trips and forest walks with both sun and rain protective gear and suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.
Guests should bring with them a personal flashlight suitable for use in the lodge area and for night walks.
Electricity is provided by solar energy with a back-up generator.
Video and camera batteries as well as laptops can be charged in the lodge.
Purified rain water is provided for drinking.

Andasibe to Masoala Rainforest

Andasibe to Masoala Rainforest tour combines two fantastic National Parks, the best spots for Madagascar’s wildlife watching…

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