Why Us ?
Why traveling with Us ?

True Madagascar Expert.

We have explored Madagascar, from the most famous national park in the north to the most unknown but incredible natural reserve in the deep south. We live here, this land is our home.

We have been running tours for more than 20 years, so we have come to apprehend most of the lemur’s way of living. We know where to find the most magical sunset. We have visited almost every lodge and resort in Madagascar to select you the best ones. And if you or your clients want to see the most idyllic beach, we will drive you to the south-west coast, not to the famous Nosy Be Island.

Efficient Tour Consultant.

Our watch words are: Prompt turnaround times for all enquiries, accurate advices and competitive price. We have a flawless reliability: We are With our clients, whenever and wherever they need us, from arrival until departure.

From the back office, we follow each of our client’s tour on a day-to-day basis, rechecking details. Our guides are conscious of the concept: reliable and effective, they are key people in each trip. We keep a strong relationship With the airline companies which are working in Madagascar and a personal contact with all the local guides in each national park. Our huge volume of customers, allows us to have a substantial purchase power, in order for us to get the best from our suppliers. That’s why we remain competitive on the market.

Branches in the province, bush Camp and bush tents owner.

Few years ago, we have decided to open branches in Antsiranana (also called Diégo Suarez) and Nosy Be because, the north of Madagascar is a beautiful region With a huge potentiality.

We wanted to give our clients the opportunity to discover Madagascar’s uniqueness such as its fauna, flora, lagoons and extraordinary archipelago, and even more. We are also the only Tour Operator, which owns a bush camp and established offices With staff and vehicles in the north part of Madagascar. Iharana Bush Camp.

And finally, Oceane Bush Tents. It is an ephemeral bivouac, convivial and mobile, which can be installed everywhere, in the four corners of the Big Island. We are equipped with large tents of South African manufacture, with beds, shower tents and private toilets.

Guides and vehicle fleet

Our guides are one of our main strengths, fully sharing our values and perfectly understanding the expectations and requirements of our travelers. We invest significant resources in training them in the techniques of the profession, customer experience and above all, safety measures. Our guides are true travel companions and are also passionate about Madagascar.

Regarding our vehicles, we have our own fleet of vehicles that we maintain in our own garages in Tana and Diego Suarez. All our vehicles have been purchased new from trusted dealerships, ensuring optimal levels of safety and comfort for our travelers. Our vehicles undergo several quality checks before each tour departure. We complement our fleet of vehicles by collaborating with the best local service providers, carefully selected according to several rigorous criteria.

Concerned about responsible tourism.

At the heart of our concerns lie respect for people and the environment. Therefore, we do keep a great attention on our own staff. All the employees are legally registered and have long term contract. We are doing our best to keep them safe and well treated in their work environment. We have also developed a “Behavioral Code” for our guides, helping them to practice their job with an ethical approach.

In 2019, we launched the “No Plastic” challenge in order to limit and reduce, in the medium term, the consumption of sealed plastic bottled water. We provide treated water or water stored in 20-liter jerry cans for our trips. Each traveler has a personal water bottle and can help themselves at will from the fountains provided in each vehicle.

Regarding picnics and bivouacs, all food supplies are exclusively purchased through short circuits, and we systematically prioritize local products, made in Madagascar.

Sustainable development have to begin inside of the company, and we are committed to do so. We want to be an example by taking great care of our citizen corporate responsibilities. We do our best to affect positively all national communities working around us. At Iharana Bush Camp, as an example, we are investing large amount of the private reserve’s fees into the local community.

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