What We Love In Madagascar


Madagascar is a country of “large spaces” where we feel free, far from the constraints of the so-called developed countries but which are often “deadlocked”.

It is a country that works “mora mora”, that is smoothly, slowly.

Madagascar is a eulogy to time passing quietly; It is a real luxury!

People are completely different from the north to the south, from the east to the west; they are smiling, they are all welcoming, it is felt every day they are friendly and we love them like that. They have kept a strong identity and always respect their customs and their traditions bringing about an improved well-being. We like to share their happy way of living. We love their small dishes cooked with passion. 


Madagascar is a concentrate of singular landscapes, a tangle of the most beautiful natural architectures! We love the arid canyons of Makay and Isalo punctuated by natural pools, the shimmering rice fields of the highlands, the rough and wild aspect of Ankarana and Bemaraha Tsingy, the imposing mountain massifs … We love the beautiful coastal regions with long sandy beaches bordered by crystal clear waters : the Emerald Sea in the North, the Indian Ocean in the East and the turquoise lagoons of the Mozambique Channel in the West … what magical places!

It is a very rich biodiversity houses an exceptional nature. We love the exquisite aerobatics of those funny and sometimes strange Lemurs, the stately jump of the hump-back whales, the quiet wandering of the Chameleons, the dawn chorus of the birds in the heart of rainforests, those huge Baobabs dashing towards the skies, the lush forests of the East and the desert scenery drawn by the bush of the Malagasy south; everywhere, nature is dancing and singing.

It is an immense playground for adventure. We love the long journeys by 4WD on the laterite tracks, the harmonious swinging/swaying of canoe squeezing through the mangrove swamp or going down large rivers like Manambolo,  Tsiribihina or the Pangalanes Canal. We love going climbing on the Montagne des Français near Diego, backpacking in the Andringitra massif. We love riding a quad to discover the amazing panorama at the height of Sainte Marie island, holding the rod of a sailing boat in the Radama archipelago, diving in the heart of its coral reefs and bivouacing in the evening on desert beaches. We would like to defy one day the Varatraza in kite surf.

We love all these small places discovered over the years, beautiful, charming and friendly lodges. We love the exceptional site of Iharana Bush Camp, the intimate atmosphere of Lodge des terres blanches, the relaxing at Princesse Bora Lodge or  Nosy Komba, indeed, we cannot cite here all the places … We love our homes, your homes for a trip, where traditional touches blend harmoniously with contemporary comfort to offer an authentic symbiosis with nature. 

We love this country’s light: the weather is fine almost all year long; The sun floods days and at night, the heavens light the traveler’s dreams. It is probably this light that irradiates the Malagasy people’s smiles every day.

It has been more than 30 years that we like to travel all over this beautiful country to devise nice trips for you. Madagascar is our passion and we would like to share it.

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