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Tsara Komba Lodge


The Tsara Komba Lodge **** is a 4-star luxury hotel with a rare and authentic charm, in perfect keeping with Nature and with the area’s outstanding biodiversity. It combines a stylish and exclusive atmosphere, an excellent Slow Food cuisine, tailored services and excursions, in an atmosphere dominated by a commitment to comfortable luxury and ecology. Experience the gentle caress of the wind, the birdsongs and the sound of the waves lapping around this former volcano, today covered by an abundant forest, bordered by a sapphire blue sea with excellent golden sandy beaches.

The preservation of this sublime environment and the community-minded activities being pursued here to encourage harmonious sustainable development for the benefit of the local population are just two of the ethical aspects of this marvelous Eco-paradise.
16 July 2015 to 31 August 2015 : 4 nights minimum

Tsara Komba Lodge is 25 minutes-boat from Nosy Be, on Nosy Komba island. Nosy Komba island is home to an extinct volcano and is covered by a lush and unspoilt rainforest.
At Tsara Komba Lodge, luxury joins nature in perfect harmony and respects the environment.

You will like :

  • Getting around only on foot, by boat or by canoe: canoe rambling are organized around the island or to the neighboring islands: the Russian Bay, the Mitsio Archipelago, Mamoko island or Kisimany island,
  • Strolling on its remote sandy beaches, along its turquoise water: experiencing the halfway around the world-life where watch is useless,
  • Diving to watch colorful fish and hawksbill turtles
  • Snorkeling few meters from the seashore,
  • Dolphin watching and whales watching, between July and September,
  • Discovering the surprising fauna and flora of Tsara Komba’s garden and of the island in general: macaco lemurs, hummingbirds, butterflies, chameleons, parrots, cocoa, vanilla, wild pepper …
  • Going fishing: trolling, sport fishing, popper fishing, Angling,
  • Visiting the village of Ampangorina, its embroiderers and its sculptors whose office is the beach
  • The Slow Food which is opposed to fast food, advocates the origin and quality of the product, food biodiversity, local purchasing, culinary traditions and healthy food. Here, the subtle blend of Eastern tradition and Western influence are mixed with inventive touches. It may surprises but it’s delicious.
  • The Slow Life with a subtle and elegant atmosphere
  • The Art collection of the Lodge
  • The free leisure activities: beach racquetballs, kites, frisbee, badminton, beach volley balls, board games …
  • Visiting the rebuilding project in the village of Antrema by the lodge

Tsara Komba Lodge

The Tsara Komba Lodge **** is a 4-star luxury hotel with a rare and authentic charm, in perfect keep…

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