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Iharana Bush Camp


You will be amazed to discover Iharana Bush Camp. You will warmly host on the edge of a lake, in front of the Tsingy massif, within a few miles distance from Mahavavy river.

This natural site is endowed with great riches and exceptional beauty. You are in the middle of nature, far away from television, air-conditioning and telephone. We favored charming and genuine life while reducing the impact on environment.

Iharana Bush Camp is the most unwonted among bush camps in Madagascar. Here, artificial tents are replaced by magnificent natural cob building. The rooms consist of sixteen cabanas which organic architecture is inspired from the Malagasy traditional housing. The combination of skills, craft industry, arts and materials give an original aspect to the camp making it totally harmonious with its environment.

Iharana Bush Camp is between Nosy Be and Antsiranana, 24km from Ambilobe. The ecolodge is located.on the edge of a lake, in front of a majestic Tsingy Massif – near the Ankarana National Park.

What will you experience?

You’ll go back to nature, you’ll rediscover this creation as at the first Earth Day and you’ll immerse into it.
You’ll explore the camp and its surrounding to encounter, for instance, the wildlife including lemurs and numerous water birds.

So let’s jump into the activities you can do at Iharana Bush Camp.

  • Begin with the Tsingy, those limestones in front of the camp: this stroll is named “Tsingy Tsingy”. During the Tsingy Tsingy, you hike the Massif to get on its top and to enjoy the breathtaking view. You’ll meet lemurs, chameleons, birds and intriguing plants along the way.
  • Please note that the way on the Tsingy is safe and secure. It has been designed by the same speleologist who designed the Bemaraha Tsingy, therefore it has been done by an expert!
  • More other, our guides are well trained in first aid and by scientists about the biodiversity around the camp. They will amaze you.

May we also suggest you also a bicycle ride around the Massif, a canoe rambling on the lake, a sunset apero on the Tsingy or a walk in the fields for a closer immersion toward the locals’ life style. All these activities are great for bird watching and wildlife observation. Fans of photography, you’ll be happy.

For you to bring a sustainable souvenir home, you’ll be warmly welcomed at the shop.

Iharana Bush Camp

You will be amazed to discover Iharana Bush Camp. You will warmly host on the edge of a lake, in fro…

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