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Ultimate Wildlife Experience: Fosa, Aye Aye And Indri


Tracking the Indri Indri in the Andasibe Special Reserve and hearing its amazing call.
Watching the magical Aye Aye on the Palmarium Islet
Photographing the Fosa


Yay! We are about to lead you in an adventure of a lifetime! After getting your first footprints in Morondava, we will drive you to the Kirindy forest to look for the Fosa. And surprise: we will stop at the baobab Avenue along the way! And you may have heard about it as it is one of the most famous sites in Madagascar!

Then, we will have a car transfer to Andasibe National Park, on the eastern part of the island: a stunning place. Once there, you will encounter the finest specimens of lemurs, of which the biggest lemur of Madagascar called the Indri Indri. Then, we will move to the Palmarium Reserve which is home to the most intriguing lemur: the Aye Aye.

Indri Indri, Fosa and Aye Aye are the iconic wildlife species of Madagascar. The first one is known as the largest lemur. The second one is the most incredible lemur as it is the world’s largest nocturnal primate. And the last one, but not the least, is the Fosa: the largest carnivorous animal of the island. All of them are endemic to Madagascar.

The only period to watch the Fosa is during the two first weeks of November (mating season)

JAntananarivo capital city Madagascar

Here you are! We’re so thrilled you’ve finally decided to come! We will do our very best to make our trip in Madagascar unforgettable! We will be at the airport to welcome you from your international flight. Then, we will transfer to your hotel for dinner. Take time to unpack what you need for tonight, rest and be ready for tomorrow!

Baobab allee Morondava_west_madagascar

Yay! We are about to lead you in the adventure of your life time: your first immersion into the Malagasy way of life, culture, and panorama. To do so, you will have a transfer to the airport and then, flight to Morondava.
After getting your first footprints in Morondava, we will drive you to the Kirindy forest. And surprise: we will stop at the Baobab Avenue along the way! And you may have heard about it as it is one of the most famous sites of Madagascar! Isn’t it time to take some pictures for family and friends?

Wow, we are about to arrive in Kirindy, where we will visit the deciduous forest. Once there, take your time to settle and rest. In the early evening, we’ll discover the fosa – Cryptoprocta ferox – the largest carnivore in Madagascar but also some nocturnal species of lemurs.

Don’t worry about dinner; we will enjoy a great meal at your camp, where we will stay overnight. Have you ever tried Malagasy food before? Oh man, it is delicious!

Mammals Top List Fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox), grey mouse lemur, red-tailed sportive lemurs, Verreaux’s sifaka, Madame Berthe’s mouse lemurs.

Birds Top List: White-breasted mesites, sickle-billed vangas, rufous vangas, blue vangas, greater vasa parrots.

Reptiles Top List: Flat-tailed tortoises, plated lizards, leaf-tailed geckos, big-headed geckos

Fosa wildllife kirindy

Can you imagine? Two full days of visit to explore the fauna and flora of Kirindy forest! It will be such an amazing experience. You’ll have full time to encounter this intriguing wildlife. It feels so nice to be able to embrace nature that way! In the afternoon, we’ll drive back to Morondava. Dinners and overnight stay at your Camp and then at the hotel, the next day!

Mammals Top List:

Fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox), grey mouse lemur, red-tailed sportive lemur, Verreaux’s sifaka, Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur.

Birds Top List:
White-breasted mesite, sickle-billed vanga, rufous vanga, blue vanga, greater vasa parrots.

Reptiles Top List:
Flat-tailed tortoise, plated lizard, leaf-tailed gecok, big-headed geckos.

Mouse lemur Andasibe national park east Madagascar

After these great Morondava visits, we will hit the road again to go to Andasibe (Perinet) through the highlands! Enjoy the journey to contemplate the stunning scenery, take pictures and relax. Let your mind wander on the melodies of your favorite song. We will arrive at Andasibe in the afternoon for lunch, which will be at your expense. Why not try new tastes to get into the mood of travelling?

Tonight dinner will be served at your hotel, and a room will be prepared for you to rest. But still, we’ve got another surprise! We will end our day with a night tour to explore some species of lemurs and chameleons night! Prepare yourself to be wowed by the Mouse Lemur, Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur, and the eastern Woolly lemur.

Roller Madagascar bird andasibe national park

So, what are going to do today? No! We’re not going to twiddle our thumbs with nothing to do! We will have a transfer by car to Mantadia National Park. And then, explore the park before getting back to the hotel in the mid-afternoon! Tonight, dinner will be platted at the hotel where you will enjoy a night of rest.

The Mantadia National Park is part of the Andasibe complex, it is a protected area and a stunning, dense and large park. Once there you will encounter the finest specimens of lemurs, which are the Diademed Sifaka and the Ruffed Lemur! Wow, for sure that these two will take your Madagascar wildlife experience to the next level. We will also find 4 species of existing Roller Madagascar.

We know that you came here to have an ultimate wildlife experience; that’s why at the end of every section, we will do our best to give you the top list of fauna we’ll meet. Here you go:

Lemur’s Top list:
Black and White Ruffed Lemur, Diademed Sifaka, Brown Lemur, Red Bellied Lemur

Birds Top list:
Blue Coua, Red-fronted Coua, Blue Pigeon, Nuthatch Vanga, Sclay Ground Roller, Short legged ground roller, long tailed ground roller, Tylas Vanga l, Nelicourvi Weawer.

Reptiles and Frogs top list:
Parson’s chameleon, Short-nosed chameleon, nose-horned chameleon, stump-tailed chameleon, and frog: 3 to 4 species of boophis and about 5 species of Mantidactilus.

Lemur Indri Indri Andasibe rainforest

Your attention please! Today we will visit of the special reserve of Indri – Indri! We are so excited, this place is stunning. Covering an area of 810 ha, this special reserve is managed by Madagascar National Park and it is home for the largest lemur of Madagascar: the Indri Indri. Once there, you will quickly notice that there are also other species of lemurs, birds, chameleons and frogs.

And we have not even mentioned yet its rich flora which includes thousands of species of medicinal plants, valuable timber species and many species of orchid and fern. We will end the day with a night tour to discover some species of nocturnal birds, lemurs and chameleons. No worries about dinner, it will be prepared at the hotel where you will stay overnight.

Lemur’s Top list:
Indri-Indri, Mouse Lemur, Common Brown Lemur, Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur, eastern Woolly lemur, Grey Bamoo Lemur , Red-Bellied Lemur.

Birds Top list:
Blue Coua , Red-fronted coua , Nuthatch Vanga , Madagascar wood rail , Madagascar Cuckoo-Roller , Cristed , Ibis , Magpie – Robin , Hook Billed Vanga , Collared Nightjar , Madagascar Scops Owl , Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher , Nelicourvi Weawer , Tylas Vanga.

Reptiles and Frogs top list:
Parson’s chameleon, Short-nosed chameleon, nose-horned chameleon, stump-tailed chameleon, and frog: 3 to 4 species of boophis and about 5 species of Mantidactilus.

Pangalanes channel akan'ny nofy

Andasibe – car – 155 km – 5h to 6h - Manambato – boat - Ankanin’ny nofy

Andasibe is fantastic. Get even more excited for our next destination is Akan’ny Nofy! In English, it literally means “dream home”. We will drive to Manambato. Then, as the driver will go back to Antananarivo, you will cross by boat from Manambato to Akan’ny Nofy. You will be welcomed at the hotel. Rooms and dinner are waiting for you.

Ultimate Wildlife Experience

Another reserve to explore! Put on your comfy shoes we are out for a walk in the Palmarium Reserve. We’ll spot lemurs, chameleons as well as frogs. You’ll also admire many species of endemic plants such as thousands of palm trees, plenty of orchids and carnivorous plant. We’ll have lunch at the hotel.
Tomorrow we will go back to Antananarivo. But let’s make tonight unforgettable with one last night tour and may be we’ll encounter the elusive Aye-Aye. We’ll have so much to talk about during the dinner!

Aye aye Masoala national park

Ankanin’ny nofy  boat - Manambato  295 km  7h to 8h - Antananarivo

A good night of sleep, and we will leave the ”Ankan’ny Nofy” heading to Antananarivo. Give yourself time to admire the wonderful landscapes. What was your best memory so far?

Yeah! So will be your trip in Madagscar if you plan to come. We love to say that these are just words. But we like it even more when we see satisfaction on our client’s faces once they are here. Thank you for trusting us!

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Ultimate Wildlife Experience : Fosa, Aye Aye And Indri

We are about to lead you in an adventure of a lifetime! Let’s look for the Fosa, stop at the baobab Avenue and encounter Madagascar’s iconic lemurs…
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